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Corpus Christi Portrait Photography

Below are some portrait images based out of Corpus Christi Texas. These images were taken for the sole purpose to help Diana establish and build up her business. The plan is to use these images in her future advertising campaigns. CTM Productions uses classic poses mixed with innovative lighting and angles to create unique and one of a kind images. For more information on how to book your portrait photography, contact CTM Productions today! 361-742-2617

Corpus Christi Wedding and Engagement Photography

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Thang!
The images below were taken everywhere from the south side of Corpus Christi all the way to Portland Texas. Wedding photography doesn’t have to be plain. CTM Productions can take amazing photos in any situation. Language barrier? Not a problem. CTM’s expertise allows him to work in any condition and still capture beautiful imagery. CTM Productions has over ten years experience in wedding photography and the pictures below prove it! Interested in booking one of Corpus Christi’s best wedding photographers? Call for your free consultation today!


Corpus Christi Video Services- 888 Classic Barbershop

Check out the latest video with 888 Classic Barbershop. This video is fully loaded with audio, interviews, aerial footage and visual storytelling to help the viewer connect with the video!

Corpus Christi Wedding Photography

Portraits/Head Shots

A few images from some recent beach weddings!

Little Ms. Emery

DSC_9565 DSC_9591 DSC_9634 DSC_9679

CTM Productions Commercial

Food Photography

A few images from our shoot with Bottomless Pit BBQ. CTM Productions also designed the add!
Bbq collage

BBQ ADD for kings living2

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